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here we live

I had wished to have all of you as friends, somehow my life has taken a different turn. Most of you have no idea of the time and committement I made to learn my husbands trade.By now I expect almost a lost art, as even the glass we made to make the windows no longer exists!

Much of the last few years has been more then just settling into a new place. I have talked to Huron College, Western University, Macintosh Gallery and even Careliton University.

The computer is wipeing out of my site, I don’t get very much traffic and refuse to pay for their adds, which makes me an artist and not a busnissperson.

I started this as a rank amature and found it fun, with no issues. I am sorry that it is making my life to challenging.

A pity. The technolgy was to free people from tinory.

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Hi, I have been gone, dealing with an aging husband who I love very much, and then being a cancer victium. Well who knew. Obviously everyone but me.


What a Beautiful Day

Do any of us really appreciate how precious life is?  I rarely have anything to say, moving our lives has destroyed a big part of who we were. I expect it is small potatoes to all those people who live in immigration camps. The book, What is the What, helped me understand just how much life has changed for thousands of people, although they rarely make the news. Isn’t that something we should think about?

Word Drawing 5 x 8"

Summer Time

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I spent two weekends recently attending workshops. One was on abstracting the painted figure and the other on becoming a published writer. Both were very interesting. What we don’t know about the process or about ourselves makes all of it worthwhile.

I realized I am not interested in being either. I don’t see the way they do, in the painting workshop, plains and angles are a foreign country. I see mass, volume, density and negative space.

I spent that weekend using my left hand to paint. It was a good exercise in motor control, and in making your brain work a different path.

The writer’s workshop, WELL how could anyone feel justified in betraying their friend to make the narrative of the book more interesting? That too is outside of my comfort zone. Oh he did have good reason, but his friend has not spoken to him since. Is that journey less than the sum of its parts?

I have been reading concurrently two books, The Brain that Changes Itself and When Breath Becomes Air. They both speak to me in different ways, we have the gift to change how we think and we have the gift to choose how we think. That sounds very much the same doesn’t it, but it is all to do with degrees and attitude.

I finished When Breath Becomes Air today, written by Paul Kalanithi.


Defining Space

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acrobatesMy first foray thinking about sculpture not as an object, but as defining physical space was in a workshop with artist Ann Whitlock.

She gave each of us a ball of string and said, ‘Do something with this.’

Our group must have looked a bit bewildered; we were second year art students at the time. She went on to say, “You don’t have to use the whole ball, and you can incorporate anything else you wish, but you must use some string. You have a week. If you want to discuss anything, I am here”

Rob took a bit of his ball of string and used it to hang an empty frame, thereby capturing a view without the need to reproduce it. Brilliant.

Three of us pooled our resources and took over a local quarry. We tied string to rocks and made a spiral labyrinth that traversed the pit from top to bottom. It was a very temporary installation. We rushed in Friday after school and called everyone together to ride share (few of us had cars) on Sunday. Monday it would no longer exist.

I am thinking about this long ago time because a few friends want me to lead them on a workshop to make cement sculpture for the garden. I left off doing that years ago, have given away all my equipment and tools, pigments and supports and molds. So, I am now trying to think of something we can all learn from instead of just me teaching.

The big problem is permanence is what they are after. So not a tent but a house. Pity. The other way of doing is so much fun and more flexible as well. This amuses me.

At this point in my life permanence is as elusive as life itself, and an illusion. There is a good reason why much of our historical artifacts are broken ceramic sculptures. If they were bronze or iron they had to be buried very deep not to be recycled into implements of whatever war was raging at the time.

Christo understood the beauty of the temporary, so does Mother Nature. Isamu Naguchi did his best to make that vision permanent.

new beginings

046I had long forgotten that I owned the book Diving Companions, Sea Lion, Elephant Seal, Walrus by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Philippe Diole published in 1975.

In the Epilogue he has this to say, But before we can understand, we must know; and to know, we must love.

The world of living beings is a whole. As a whole, it is indispensable to the ecological balance of the planet and to the psychological equilibrium of man. Any real solution to the problem of the environment must therefore be a global solution, effective simultaneously at the scientific, technological, legislative, political, and international levels. If we pretend otherwise, we are not being honest with ourselves or with those who will come after us.

Or with those we love, but before we can love we must know and before we know we must understand.

It is wonderful to stumble upon things that only time clarifies in your mind as something of significance to your understanding of the world. Memory and Reflection are powerful tools. But house cleaning is important to. To sweep out the pain of childhood memories, adolescent intrigues and all the I shot myself in the foot events that clutter and distract from the importance of being.


I keep telling people I have too much
electricity, it seems to mess things up. Who but me gets shocks
opening and closing the car door? Or turning on or off a light switch?

The glitches in my computer are a challenge to my instructor, she is brilliant and can figure things out, but it looks like I will need a new one soon. I still think too much electricity Geri!

Still, the move although hard feels like a good thing, Christopher really
was feeling that the place was too neglected. Who knows what the new
owners will do, no longer any concern of mine. But yes very sad for

Update, it looks like the twenty-five acre farm will become a microbrewery. A good fit. I do wish I could have taken the apple trees with me, especially the self-sown one, the best apple pie and sauce ever, and the pears, they were just getting going.

I forget sometimes that life is a gift, and should be cherished.

A bounty of apples with few blemishes .

A bounty of apples with few blemishes .