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Thought for the day.

   There are, of course, several

things in Ontario that are more

        dangerous than wolves. For

         instance, the step-ladder.

         J. W. Curran

Quoted from The Canadian Wildlife Almanac by Darryl Stewart 1981

This artist rendering shows that the tree trunks need to be thinner to add height .

The height is about twelve feet, I used a cardboard template to keep the outer shape of the trees consistant. All the inner branches were painted freely, without a pattern.

This winter view of the finished mural shows how by thinning the dimension of tree trunk they appear taller.

white is white is white

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What can I say? Isn’t white the most beautiful of non-colours when you don’t have to shovel it?

Why is it that a white squirrel is so much more interesting then its black counter-part?