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This helps me remember that winter will change into spring, summer, fall. That life is a recurring but ever changing tableau.

light play on the cupboard door

light play on the cupboard door

October 20th, 2012.

I have been trying for the last two years to learn how to capture things in motion. Simple things that have always fascinated me, a cloud of insects spiraling into an articulate ever-changing drawing turned golden or white or grey depending on light levels, the moving shadow dance of light through trees. My attempts have all been very unsuccessful I am sorry to say.

I would never consider even trying to capture tonight’s evening show. Four hummingbirds back lite by the sun, their wings making multiple halos of light as they chase each other in a ballet, the musical arrangement the scrbeeking of insects with a drone in an overtone  that might be the grasshoppers communing, a steady beat against the squeaks and hum of those darting, dancing birds. They spiral up, give chase, tails a splayed fan of white edged in darkness, then they re-configure to peacefully dart in unison to the sugar-water  feeder, reminding me of synchronized swimmers. I spent my youth at the local pool and went to all the swim matches having friends and family as participants. The only thing as good as that was watching the participants competing in the Butterfly. That was always such an excitingly beautiful race.

But so far my film making efforts have ended in failure.

As I write there are now six hummers racing each other between the feeder and the trumpet vine, all with burnished wings amidst a haze of illuminated clouds of insects doing a spiral dance that is both poetry and music.

In another two minutes this vision will fade with the sun. Well, I timed it at a minute, these things; blink and you miss it. Oh, the dance is still on, but the wings are no longer halos of light but the insect dance is golden and rising on the warm air currents.

The sun is now gone, the hummers are as well, the insects back to being insects no longer the illuminated spiraling form of dancing magic. How I wish I had the skill to capture this.