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five years

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I received a nice notice from Word Press, apparently I have been blogging for five years.

They didn’t actually give me a star, I have missed the mark to post every Monday, but life overtakes our best efforts.

I did get the magnetic poem on the dishwasher.

Here dwell the true magicians,

Nature is our servant,

Man is our pupil.

We change, we conquer, we create.

Written by Anna Letitia Barbauld

An amazing woman who lived in England, in the eighteenth century.

Burial Caves

Burial Caves

She was not just a writer and a poet, she was a political activist. Unfortunately, like so many  she fell out of the history books. Why is that? After her lack of support for the Napoleon Wars in 1812, when hey we were at war here too, she lost her support and never published again. She founded a school for women that taught more than the domestic arts, was opposed to slavery and wrote critical reviews of other books.

I found her quote in a book given to me by a friend, Quotes of Women, but clearly they had a whole lot more to contribute then a mere quote can tell.

For that I do have to thank Wikipedia, and the Internet, what else has made the world  so accessible to us?

Lost in Translation

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Something and nothing produce each other.

A quote from a book I have been reading, well mostly looking at the pictures they are fantastic.

But, the quote is apparently by Lao tzu, it doesn’t sound right to my ears.

Here is an alternative form “Being and non-being produce each other.”

That still sounds wrong. Even if we were talking about black holes and dark matter, which we are not, at least I don’t think so, they are we think a continuum not an the Cloud Unknowingequation, but maybe this is profound, and I have not understood it.

Does anyone have a comment or a theory? I am listening.

Smile again!

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Mona Lisa times two

Mona Lisa times two

I really love this photo.

Does anyone know what if feels like to have people close to you say,  smile; it will make you feel better?

Today was a beautiful day, but did I smile? Probably not. But, I do laugh more then most, I figure that is enough.


I am always suprised

Christopher designed an art piece for a forty-foot by forty-foot concrete egg crate sky light for the Social Sciences building at the University of Western Ontario.

It was an exciting abstract work. The coloured glass was diffused into the three-story stair well by using sand blasted glass at different angles, becoming a sculptural work as well as one of pure colour.

We travelled to New York to make the glass selection. My first and only time in that amazing city.

The night before we had tickets for The Importance of Being Ernest. The next morning, at a local coffee shop sitting at the breakfast counter a man caught our eyes; he kept looking at us speculatively.

We ended up that day having lunch with him, an artist from the American Mid-west along with the owner of the glass house, an accomplished violinist.

The conversation was interesting. The artist felt that glass was an illustrative story-telling medium. In the Christian and Heraldic tradition that is true.

But my feelings were, it held the potential of music. Think music of the spheres, tuning the universe, an abstracted world harmony.

I couldn’t contribute much to the conversation as I was carrying over forty colours in my head, and all their subtle variations. After lunch, I had to decide which way we were jumping.

The completion of the commission ended with a dedication ceremony. More than one person wanted to know whose colour theory Christopher used in its creation.

The obvious answer is his own. I am always surprised. As artists, the inspiration for any work is a personal journey.


Walking a tight rope/Walking on air

Is it any wonder that the world we all inhabit is a place so many of us resist?

I expect this sounds a bit lame, but that idea that we do walk on air every time we change direction into the unknown is something to celebrate. That we have the courage to do so seems one of the good things about being human, that we can choose, that we do have the ability to alter the direction of the universe if only by a small degree.

062Some of us know there is no alternative then to step off into thin air and glory or suffer the result.

We are Here

There is only one thing I am good at, being an artist, maybe not great or brilliant, but good.

Today, I had to learn to be a maestro, conducting three different orchestras. one, moving house, studio, garden, sculptures, two moving away all we no longer have room for in our lives and three, getting Christopher’s mural and books moved by a local club, one for auction and the books for a trip to Africa or the high arctic.IMG_0485_e

I am an artist, not made to deal with this kind of thing, but I did OK. One of the things I can do is delegate. Oh you want this, well talk to him, it is a good system that. The learning we are all not capable of making all of life’s decisions is a huge bonus of ageing.

I have to thank nerofeedback, because before it would have been an overwhelming process. Now, today was not easy, don’t misunderstand me, but if you saw your homeland dumped with tons of dirty gravel that made two huge mounds obliterating your friends garden, wiped out her Osage orange tree, bulldozed two of my quince trees, well, I think I did good to have a good day.

We moved, just need to leave the keys to paradise to someone else. As we never locked our doors who knows if they will fit.

a page from my notebook – philosophy

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a page from my notebook – philosophy

not facts but truths

I create time. – Kant

Time creates me. – Bergson

tachyons – particles with speed faster then light.

The most abstract system of philosophy is, in its method and purpose, nothing more than an extremely ingenious combination of natural sounds.

This from my notebook years ago, I am sure I didn’t write it, but there is no notation of who did, unfortunately.

“Sculpture creates space.   That shapes intended for this purpose, properly scaled in space, actually creates a greater space.”

“Imagination.  Awareness of the void of our existence. ”  ISAMU NOGUCHI (an antidote to impermanence)

It is the selection and placement that will make of anything a sculpture, even an old shoe.

This picture is a good example of how the landscape is changed by the addition of sculpture. They become the environment in which they are placed. These monolithic sculpted stones are in the Brecon Beacons in Wales. I was fortunate to be able to carry them back to Canada with me sans view of course. How did I manage it? Just popped them into a coat pocket, they are only 4″ in height.

These intimate watercolours (4×6″), were done in 1988 on a hiking tour through the Brecon Beacon’s in Wales.