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Home is where we lay our hearts.

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I am finding it hard to understand that my year of not existing in the real world has changed with the end of the cancer treatments and that my husband is home with me, that I no longer have to live in a hospice in the city, that it is late spring and that summer is almost here, that this year I can swim in the lake, that after a twenty year hiatus, I can actually ride a bike, mind you I am a bit wobbly, but practice, practice.

Oh and that I have friends, more friends than I ever imagined was possible. They have all made this journey one I will never forget or regret. The support of family has made me humble. I can only hope someday to be as forgiving.

Also, I am brimming with new ideas for sculpture, and the stomping ground will be this place and the old river bed. Life is exciting right now.

Oh it is so nice to be able to call this place home, I never thought it would be.

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  1. Hi Geri,
    So good to hear about you and all that is happening in your life. I bet that the new work will be beautiful.
    Trauma or significant stress – whatever we call it, can bring out parts of us we didn’t expect, maybe creative parts (?) I know that this is true for me.
    Best of luck and good adventure to you and your family.

    • Hi Gretchen,

      I have been a bit worried about not hearing from you. Last year I was to swamped to consider getting together for a coffee. How does this summer work for you? Are you still in the area?

      They want me to upgrade my site, I have NO idea what they mean. I do wish they would just leave all the rules the same. As far as I can figure all the changes don’t actually benefit anyone.

      Keep in touch, it would be nice to have a visit if you are in the area,

      • thanks Geri for asking about me. Last year was a blur or at least the summer was. I didn’t get to GB until July and then in August I moved my father into an Alzhiermer’s facility. He is ok, still knows who I am and is pretty aware of things. Last July I had a one person show in Dayton and that was a good distraction from the stress of my dad. My work is coming along, always slower than I’d like.
        I’d love to get together for coffee. We will be up mid June, maybe then? Here is my email and phone number.
        take care!

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