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Something and nothing produce each other.

A quote from a book I have been reading, well mostly looking at the pictures they are fantastic.

But, the quote is apparently by Lao tzu, it doesn’t sound right to my ears.

Here is an alternative form “Being and non-being produce each other.”

That still sounds wrong. Even if we were talking about black holes and dark matter, which we are not, at least I don’t think so, they are we think a continuum not an the Cloud Unknowingequation, but maybe this is profound, and I have not understood it.

Does anyone have a comment or a theory? I am listening.

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  1. I read a version of “The Cloud of Unknowing” as a twenty something mis-fit. I don’t recall any images as that would have been quite nice but the quote you are pondering does have Buddhist roots and there is a resonance between them and my own wondering mind and yes, Geri I agree the wording does not strike me as Lao tzu either…..but I can give it a shot…

    “Being and non-being produce each other.” and Being and non-being are a continuum too…Being is inhale….being is exhale….non being is the gap between?

    • Hi Robert,
      A friend sent me a similar interpretation. It seems I was stuck in the physical world of things. You were both ahead of me thinking in terms of mind experience.

      But; something and nothing produce each other. It sounds like the random Universe I think it is, is really something else. but as usual I have no idea.

      Doesn’t it amaze you to know that for some of us the world holds no mystery? I really do understand what you are saying, breath is everything, and that pause is where life either ends or begins. Probably both together.


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