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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Lost in Translation

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Something and nothing produce each other.

A quote from a book I have been reading, well mostly looking at the pictures they are fantastic.

But, the quote is apparently by Lao tzu, it doesn’t sound right to my ears.

Here is an alternative form “Being and non-being produce each other.”

That still sounds wrong. Even if we were talking about black holes and dark matter, which we are not, at least I don’t think so, they are we think a continuum not an the Cloud Unknowingequation, but maybe this is profound, and I have not understood it.

Does anyone have a comment or a theory? I am listening.

Garden Art

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Dwarfs, faeries and flamingos so offended an artist, you know the ones, adorning the lawns of our neighbours that one night he abducted them, the idea to hold them for ransom. When caught, his reasoning was that it offended his artistic sensibilities. The owners should pay for the eyesore they inflicted.

We actually don’t have any control over what is displayed in the public domain, or how it is represented, even if we are the artist. That is something we learned the hard way. Chris’ windows can be freely photographed and reproduced on coffee mugs, tee shirts, note cards with no credit to who made the work, the post cards are copyrighted, but apparently not the source of the postcard. Interesting world, interesting sensibilities that allow the original creator to be unnamed.

But, we do have by-lays as I am learning. Never having had neighbours before it is a new idea for me.

It is an interesting idea, to abduct, hold ransom that which offends our idea of beauty, aesthetics.

I have plans for our back garden. But, I can stand on the back porch and see seven neighbouring houses. Is this a public or private place, it is not street front, do I need their permission?metal sculpture

carpe diem

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A assembled found object sculpture that I made years ago, and moved to our new place.

That is the message engraved in the stone, seize the day.

Smile again!

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Mona Lisa times two

Mona Lisa times two

I really love this photo.

Does anyone know what if feels like to have people close to you say,  smile; it will make you feel better?

Today was a beautiful day, but did I smile? Probably not. But, I do laugh more then most, I figure that is enough.