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Is Life Compromise?

I have been reading a booklet, 1001 ways to save the Earth. I think we are a day late and a dollar short, but I live with hope.

I am at item two hundred sixty-three, and have learned one new thing. Apparently, they are now building houses that recycle grey water for other things.

I had friends living in a community were water was scarce; they opened up their drain traps put a bucket underneath to catch the grey water and recycled that water into the garden. An easy solution, but not mentioned in the book. The book talks about a system that is installed to recycle grey water for other home uses. That for me is a new use of technology.

My first year in High School a group of us spent two weekends dredging our local gullies of abandoned waste. It was quite a pile we accumulated. We used some to create a monument in our local park. No one thanked us for our trouble. The community saw it as an eye sore and nothing else. No connection was made.

This was years after Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring. A fellow student was studying fungi that year. She was dismayed at their decrease in nature. For her it was like the canary in the coal mines, a portent of things to come.

When fresh out of college I was travelling Canada by bus and train with my own coffee mug. David Suzuki was still studying the life of fruit flies.

For me, the good news is finally people are waking up.

happy families

happy families

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