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I unearthed another list today.

metal sculpture

These were notes I made after a meeting with a Landscape Architect and a Set Designer from Stratford Festival. The three of us united to design a collaborative work for the Stratford Garden Festival. I enjoyed working within a group, sharing ideas and thoughts.

Mercy: syn. Benevolence, benignity, blessing, clemency, compassion, favour, forbearance, forgiveness, gentleness, grace, kindness, leniency, mildness, pardon, pity, tenderness

Language: most direct route to intellectual engagement, emotion, and reflection

Nurturing/healing is more to do with physical reality, environment.

Healing is process – engagement with life. i.e. a burnt forest regenerating into another kind of community.

We eventually decided on a direction. The springboard for it was supplied by the set designer, a rod twelve feet long, eight feet high that emitted a soft fall of water, almost a mist. To that, the landscape architect designed a garden that was to be arid, rock and sand with a few succulents. It reminded me of the wash down a mountainside.

To this, I added three sculptures, one in front of the water bound to earth, one in the fall of water moving toward flight, the third to soar. This illusion was achieved by using clear glass as base supports, the two sculptures then float in space, falling, suspended for flight.

It was a winter’s work to build them. The day I finished the final inlays of tile and seashells the phone rang. The garden never was built, and I have yet to see the three together in the landscape.

A few weeks before we were to move I attended a local party. I said to people who had collected my work in the past that the garden sculpture was on a first come first serve basis, all free.

Well, the next morning at nine Christa turned up with a big truck, a trailer and a backhoe, with three helpers. They had it all moved within an hour.

My garden sculptures are now a meditation garden at a local resort.

Someday I will go see it, just not this day.

A view of the garden done with found objects

wire and mirrors

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