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I am always suprised

Christopher designed an art piece for a forty-foot by forty-foot concrete egg crate sky light for the Social Sciences building at the University of Western Ontario.

It was an exciting abstract work. The coloured glass was diffused into the three-story stair well by using sand blasted glass at different angles, becoming a sculptural work as well as one of pure colour.

We travelled to New York to make the glass selection. My first and only time in that amazing city.

The night before we had tickets for The Importance of Being Ernest. The next morning, at a local coffee shop sitting at the breakfast counter a man caught our eyes; he kept looking at us speculatively.

We ended up that day having lunch with him, an artist from the American Mid-west along with the owner of the glass house, an accomplished violinist.

The conversation was interesting. The artist felt that glass was an illustrative story-telling medium. In the Christian and Heraldic tradition that is true.

But my feelings were, it held the potential of music. Think music of the spheres, tuning the universe, an abstracted world harmony.

I couldn’t contribute much to the conversation as I was carrying over forty colours in my head, and all their subtle variations. After lunch, I had to decide which way we were jumping.

The completion of the commission ended with a dedication ceremony. More than one person wanted to know whose colour theory Christopher used in its creation.

The obvious answer is his own. I am always surprised. As artists, the inspiration for any work is a personal journey.


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