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Black and White

Moving has unearthed many treasures, this is one.015

This is our back porch in July, we moved in August.

This quote is from Victor Pasmore’s other catalouge, The Space Within. He does use colour, and many of the works are labeled as just that, Colour Construction in five colours for example. The catalogue is almost all in black and white and grey, and those images seem to me to be all the stronger for it.

If we take a sheet of paper and scribble on it vigorously we become involved in the process of bringing into being something concrete and visible which was not there before. The shape and quality of what we produce is the outcome of forces both objective and subjective: a particular tool, a rotary action and a human impulse. The more we concentrate on this operation the more we are drawn into it both emotionally and intellectually. But as the line develops organically, in accordance with the process of scribbling, we find ourselves directing its course towards a particular but unknown end; until finally an image appears which surprises us by its familiarity and touches us as if awakening forgotten memories buried long ago. We have witnessed not only an evolution, but also a metamorphosis.

In calling this development a work of art we are initiating a new creative process into the history of Western culture because, if we analyse the means by which our object was brought into being, we find that it was essentially intrinsic. What mattered initially was not what our scribble would represent, but what it might become.

Victor Pasmore

February, 1969

That vision of what we could become gives me the confidence to continue, to live and breathe; to be.

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