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046I had long forgotten that I owned the book Diving Companions, Sea Lion, Elephant Seal, Walrus by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Philippe Diole published in 1975.

In the Epilogue he has this to say, But before we can understand, we must know; and to know, we must love.

The world of living beings is a whole. As a whole, it is indispensable to the ecological balance of the planet and to the psychological equilibrium of man. Any real solution to the problem of the environment must therefore be a global solution, effective simultaneously at the scientific, technological, legislative, political, and international levels. If we pretend otherwise, we are not being honest with ourselves or with those who will come after us.

Or with those we love, but before we can love we must know and before we know we must understand.

It is wonderful to stumble upon things that only time clarifies in your mind as something of significance to your understanding of the world. Memory and Reflection are powerful tools. But house cleaning is important to. To sweep out the pain of childhood memories, adolescent intrigues and all the I shot myself in the foot events that clutter and distract from the importance of being.

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