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I mentioned Alice’s Adventures Underground a few blogs ago. One of my favorite books that still is missing after our move. (Along with numerous other things).

Well, didn’t I get an email from the British Library? No, really, I did and here is the link to view the real thing on-line.


That book and Beatrix Potter’s book, The Tale of Tom Kitten were Christopher’s reading material after his stroke, out loud to improve his diction, pronunciation, pace and articulation. A long journey.

The movie on Beatrix is still an all-time favorite, I thought they got the animation of her characters just right.

I didn’t grow up with her, my sister did though. I grew up with Heidi, Huck Finn, Grimm’s and Aesop. She got Dr. Seuss. Her favorite, which I still almost know by heart (as I was her reader, being five years older), was Green Eggs and Ham.

I tried hard to get her interested in The Cat and the Hat (my favorite) but no she would pout and point as only young children can do with authority, so Green Eggs and Ham it was Sam I am.

It is the little things that make a life.

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