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I keep telling people I have too much
electricity, it seems to mess things up. Who but me gets shocks
opening and closing the car door? Or turning on or off a light switch?

The glitches in my computer are a challenge to my instructor, she is brilliant and can figure things out, but it looks like I will need a new one soon. I still think too much electricity Geri!

Still, the move although hard feels like a good thing, Christopher really
was feeling that the place was too neglected. Who knows what the new
owners will do, no longer any concern of mine. But yes very sad for

Update, it looks like the twenty-five acre farm will become a microbrewery. A good fit. I do wish I could have taken the apple trees with me, especially the self-sown one, the best apple pie and sauce ever, and the pears, they were just getting going.

I forget sometimes that life is a gift, and should be cherished.

A bounty of apples with few blemishes .

A bounty of apples with few blemishes .



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