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Light and Shadow

070Alfred Manessier a French painter defining the aims of his art in these words:

What we have to reconquer is the weight of lost reality. We must make for ourselves a new heart, a new spirit, a new soul, in the measure of man. The painter’s true reality lies neither in abstraction nor in realism, but in the reconquest of his weight as a human being. At present non-figurative art seems to me to offer the one opportunity for the painter to approach the inward reality of himself and to grasp the consciousness of his essential self, or even of his being. It is only by the reconquest of his position, I believe, that the painter will be able, in the time to come, to return slowly to himself, to rediscover his own weight and so to strengthen it that it can even reach the outward reality of the world.


Magnetic poem

A garden beautiful

man’s legacy; a sense of future,

seeing beyond all things.

Inside child of learning

a mixture of things left

on the wind.

This guide of revelations,

someone magical,

call her spring.

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