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Did I mention I broke by left wrist last year? It was a very interesting experience. I went three days telling myself it was just a sprain.

Finally, Chris convinced me to go to the local hospital. They wanted to operate on it, slit my wrist, insert a metal plate and pin it back together. I said no thank you. They did it the old-fashioned way with weights and manipulation. It was a common room, so I saw lots of activity, in some cases being flat on my back, I only heard it, I said to the DR. well you are never going to sneak up on anyone, your shoes squeak. I had the whole group laughing. That bit was fun.

We spent the winter in a new place, it was lovely. I used my left hand to do all of my drawing, and was amazed at the results, as I am normally right-handed.

We need to stretch ourselves as artists anyway we can.

The Artist at Play

The Artist at Play

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