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There is only one thing I am good at, being an artist, maybe not great or brilliant, but good.

Today, I had to learn to be a maestro, conducting three different orchestras. one, moving house, studio, garden, sculptures, two moving away all we no longer have room for in our lives and three, getting Christopher’s mural and books moved by a local club, one for auction and the books for a trip to Africa or the high arctic.IMG_0485_e

I am an artist, not made to deal with this kind of thing, but I did OK. One of the things I can do is delegate. Oh you want this, well talk to him, it is a good system that. The learning we are all not capable of making all of life’s decisions is a huge bonus of ageing.

I have to thank nerofeedback, because before it would have been an overwhelming process. Now, today was not easy, don’t misunderstand me, but if you saw your homeland dumped with tons of dirty gravel that made two huge mounds obliterating your friends garden, wiped out her Osage orange tree, bulldozed two of my quince trees, well, I think I did good to have a good day.

We moved, just need to leave the keys to paradise to someone else. As we never locked our doors who knows if they will fit.

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