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Dark Matters

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We recently went to an art exhibit titled, Dark Matter. The artist, an intelligent and gifted person who we have known for many years, was troubled by his lack of understanding of just what infinity means.

For me, it has always been a graphic symbol, a snake eating its tail. Intellect and intuition are two different parts of the brain. I know what magnetism, electricity, gravity and love are, but have no intellectual ability to perceive them. The world continues to remain a mystery.

Dark Matter eludes me completely. As Richard Feynman suggests, in the mind, knowing and understanding do not take the same journey.

Dark Matter, from the Penguin Dictionary. Invisible and unidentified matter that is believed by astronomers to account for up to 90 % of the universe’s mass.

Jack Winn has always shown a proclivity for trying to understand the inexplicable in our existence. Crop circles, which seem worldwide events, the tombs of giants in ancient Egypt, the Easter Island sculptures, all these things capture his imagination.

I wonder if he has yet explored that ancient idea of the music of the spheres, which was the interaction of the planets of the then-known solar system. He is a musician as well as an artist. I think it might interest him.

Dark matters a great deal here, once we move, I fear I will never experience the stars again. And, oh if you could have been with me to see a blood moon rising, I was ready to call 911, I thought the world was on fire.

happy families

happy families

a page from my notebook – philosophy

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a page from my notebook – philosophy

not facts but truths

I create time. – Kant

Time creates me. – Bergson

tachyons – particles with speed faster then light.

The most abstract system of philosophy is, in its method and purpose, nothing more than an extremely ingenious combination of natural sounds.

This from my notebook years ago, I am sure I didn’t write it, but there is no notation of who did, unfortunately.

“Sculpture creates space.   That shapes intended for this purpose, properly scaled in space, actually creates a greater space.”

“Imagination.  Awareness of the void of our existence. ”  ISAMU NOGUCHI (an antidote to impermanence)

It is the selection and placement that will make of anything a sculpture, even an old shoe.

This picture is a good example of how the landscape is changed by the addition of sculpture. They become the environment in which they are placed. These monolithic sculpted stones are in the Brecon Beacons in Wales. I was fortunate to be able to carry them back to Canada with me sans view of course. How did I manage it? Just popped them into a coat pocket, they are only 4″ in height.

These intimate watercolours (4×6″), were done in 1988 on a hiking tour through the Brecon Beacon’s in Wales.

Telling the Bees

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lake huron

Lake Huron Oil on masonite. 8 x 10 “

It was an old custom to knock on the hive and then turn it around three times and tell the inhabitants of great events in the family, of births, marriages, deaths, and leave-takings…Bees Virginia judged to be eerily intelligent insects, and if sharing the news of the family would keep them from deserting the hive, then so be it.”

Well, I have told the bees that we will be moving soon. I let the water run out in the bird baths, am slow to fill the Oriole feeder and no longer put out oranges.

Not knowing what the new owners will respect, it seemed prudent to lessen our animal dependence.

Still, we did have an uninvited family of weasels under our back porch; last week with my morning coffee just poured one came in from the back porch through the dining room and disappeared. No, I did not leave any doors open, my feeling is that like the bats in our house, if they can find their way in, then they can find their way out. But, my sister was visiting and still abed on an air mattress on the floor. Christopher said to me don’t tell your sister. I didn’t.

The next night a mink walked through the back garden. Yes, we will miss all of our animal encounters. But, with the big wind turbine being built across the road, the foundations of our century home shook and they are just putting in an access road.

So, it is a good time to move on. New adventures await.