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Once or twice, in a lifetime, we might be lucky enough to have a chance to change; a potential experience that explored would make us see the world in new ways.

Meeting Susan Gillies in the local grocery store was one of those catalysts, from which the world becomes a brighter, more manageable place.

My life partner had recently had a stroke, minor as strokes go, but it affected his speech and seemed to onset arthritis so his walking and balance were both very precarious.

I was very low when Susan said, “Geri, how are you?”. It seemed to me that stairs in particular were going to be a big challenge in our future. We had listed the property at this point, and although letting the past be past is difficult, for us it is the right way forward.

Susan suggested that they had good success using neurofeedback to help stroke victims in recovery.

She said it is a non-invasive experience. I had a very limited exposure to biofeedback in College, so understood vaguely what that meant, your own body/brain did the work, the machine was only there as guide.

Well, that sounded an easy thing to try, when I could see no alternatives for Christopher’s health improvement. He was now walking very hesitantly with a cane.

When we arrived for our appointment, Susan asked if I was interested to have a session as well. Of course I was, it was important to me to understand what that experience would look like. Especially as the the big issue between Christopher and I was the ability at this point to communicate with ease.

Well, I can’t tell you the difference it has made in our lives. He put down that cane after the first session and hasn’t needed it since. His vocalizing too became easier, and clearer.

For me, the experience had other surprises. The low-grade tension headache that I had had for months left completely. I just felt, as Susan’s promotion suggests, That Life Just Feels Better. It really does, and we haven’t looked back.


These photos were taken at my show in May by Will Kuryluk at Strand Fine Art in London, Ontario, Canada.


_DSC0941 _DSC0994 _DSC0960

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