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The Artist at Play

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Press Release

Attention, New Opening Date: May 3rd, 2014 from 1 – 5 pm. At Strand Fine Art. London, Ontario, Canada
The Artist at Play
Some consider Geri Binks a Renaissance artist. She considers herself as a tactile person with a facility for creating art by seeing old objects in a new way. The materiality is important – whether it’s the plastic quality of clay, the drape of fabric, or the folds in paper – all is explored. Certainly this exhibition is a no holds barred collection. Usually showing her installation works for specific sites, this breakthrough show is the result of letting Bill Stelpstra and Andrew Smyth (the owners of Strand Fine Art) select the work from her studio.
From paper to clay, to fibre, to found-object sculpture, The Artist at Play is an eclectic overview of thirty years of work. Much of the collection is exhibited for the first time. It’s a colourful, joyful exploration of a creative life.



Artist Statement

The Artist at Play
This work explores the idea of play. It is not work I have readily shown over the years, thinking it too frivolous, but perhaps I was wrong. Maybe, just maybe, it represents what is best in me.