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Why is Writing so much easier then Talking?

When Pat suggested I talk a little about the inspiration for the work here I said rather glibly that it was from my experience of Watson Lake. They have a few acres devoted to about 72,000 signs from all over the world.

They call it The Sign Post Forest. It is really an impressive site. Especially as it is the work of thousands of people over many years. But the intent there is to recognize where those people where from.

Looking out the studio window the other day admiring all the tracks in the snow I realized the piece I created (with the help of many others) was as much to honour the journey as the destination, to give some kind of visual representation to the transitory and intangible nature of hundreds of peoples journeys.

The starting point was Oil Springs, and although there are books, and journals and artifacts, there really wasn’t anything here to collate all those steps into new worlds.

It was this sense of place that I wanted to evoke with the signs. They will be a visual landmark as well as a historical one. Once the elements start the process of ageing they will meld into this historic site as artifact as well.

poles_esigns_e colours-signs_e

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