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Some of the work done for the Fairbank Oil Field Project will be displayed in Petrolia later this month at Victoria Hall. It will be permanently installed on site once the world becomes a warmer place.

They were inspired by the sign post forest in Watson Lake, Yukon. A few years ago a friend and I drove from Kelowna to Whitehorse for a memorial service for Heinz.

I first met Heinz as a green girl in Whitehorse. I applied for a waitressing job at Dezadeash. His wife Katie said we’ll pick you up on our next supply run. They were two hours outside of town on the Alaska Highway. It was an unpaved pothole ridden road.

The station wagon was loaded with supplies and a full set of spare tires. This was standard fare for Yukon residents at that time. Well, it was a long trip and a good introduction to my new life. We offloaded that car four times before we made it to the lodge. Yes, a two hour drive took most of the day with four separate flat tires to change. The road is now all nicely flattened, straightened, and paved.

The memorial service was simply lawn chairs and picnic tables in the driveway, a very informal affair. It was a chance to be reacquainted with old friends. I got to hold a bronze cast of one of the biggest gold nuggets ever found. It was the size of my fist. Yes, Heinz had a gold claim with a number of others in Squaw Creek. One of the highlights of that summer was meeting the people as they would spend a few days in the cabins on their way in and out of the bush working their claims panning for gold.

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