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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Poetry in Motion

an abstract glass panel

an abstract glass panel

I read a quote recently by Marcus Aurelius:

The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.

I have no way to verify if that would be an accurate translation. But I have always felt that life is poetry in motion. And, no, I don’t suppose those are my words for a minute, they are too lovely, but they stick in my mind with no way for me to understand where they did originate.

A friend corrected my quote, it should read; The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, in so far as it stands ready against the accidental and the unforseen, and is not apt to fall. from Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

It is interesting how it does change my perception of what was meant. I understood it as dealing with the inner life, of who we are and struggle to become, it appears he meant external forces, so I am lost.

Art Illuminates Life

It is the luminous quality in Mary Pratt’s paintings that I find so captivating. The light source is in the painting, not something outside of it.

We might measure our lives in hours and years but light is a whole other world.

Trying to capture how the light moves across the door, by the time the camera is in hand the experience is over, or watching the shadows of the trees move across the fence – bingo – where did that cloud come from?

I cannot fathom how she can capture those few seconds in time – but this might be a clue.

“I just refused to be educated,’ she says, wryly. “The world of art escapes me,” she smiles. “The world of life does not.” 1)

Clouds Charcoal on paper

Clouds Charcoal on paper not by Mary Pratt but me.

1)      Quoted from the Toronto Star Sunday January 19, 2014 Article by Murray Whyte. Mary Pratt is having a retrospective at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Late but not forgotten

kids artkids art

Such a fresh beginning, a child’s view of the world, these are reproduced from Ronda Kellogg’s book Children’s Art. An amazing introduction to the vision of the world we were born to.