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white shirts

white shirts

You are just too cute and need a better outlook on life.

I found this bit of conversation tonight reviewing my email. I am on a bit of a mission to clarify and de-clutter my life as we will be moving house next year. This is a response to webmaster, I expect by now they have reinvented themselves. Which actually seems in this medium an easy thing to do. Oh try being a visual artist.

On a life that needs to be earned and not bought. And why just because I have spent my life as a marginalized income earner isn’t my life more fulfilled then all of those guys with the big pensions? The question that needs to be asked is not one of equal equity payments, but what do I need to do to make my life one worthwhile, as I will never travel this path again.

Man will you guys stop with the you owe me stuff and make a bigger decision.


I think that sums up the year, we all need to learn tolerance, forbearance and to forgive both ourselves and others, and to understand that worth is not a value that has a monetary equivalent.

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