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Life Changes

white shirts

white shirts

You are just too cute and need a better outlook on life.

I found this bit of conversation tonight reviewing my email. I am on a bit of a mission to clarify and de-clutter my life as we will be moving house next year. This is a response to webmaster, I expect by now they have reinvented themselves. Which actually seems in this medium an easy thing to do. Oh try being a visual artist.

On a life that needs to be earned and not bought. And why just because I have spent my life as a marginalized income earner isn’t my life more fulfilled then all of those guys with the big pensions? The question that needs to be asked is not one of equal equity payments, but what do I need to do to make my life one worthwhile, as I will never travel this path again.

Man will you guys stop with the you owe me stuff and make a bigger decision.


I think that sums up the year, we all need to learn tolerance, forbearance and to forgive both ourselves and others, and to understand that worth is not a value that has a monetary equivalent.

The Soul Unearthed

Once again I found this bit of scrap paper on my desk, this was the quote, unfortunately I have no idea where it came from, but thought it was worth sharing.

The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced. (1

The author lived in the same era as the artist Edvard Munch but a different country. I was always drawn to Edvard Munch’s work, it has rough edges. This from an internet source on his life,  “A testament to his importance ” The Scream” sold for more than $119 million in 2012, setting a new record.”  I really don’t think that money can measure anything, but it is interesting to me that his work is valued by just that.

(1 Aart Van Der Keeuw quoted from The Soul Unearthed

Prose writer and poet from the Netherlands, b. 1878 – d. 1931


Exploring, a multimedia work recreated.

Family Matters

Faith and forgiveness were two of the themes threaded through a conversation I recently heard on CBC, 1)

Malcolm Gladwell gave very poignant examples of both.

This time of year, sitting sheltered from the long cold dark of night makes ample space for reflecting.

Faith: the spiritual apprehension of divine truths.

Forgiveness: To give up, cease to harbour resentments, to pardon.

Nelson Mandela’s life showed both graces in abundance.

A page form my book, The Why and the Beginning

A page from my book, The Why and the Beginning

The Why and the Beginning

The Why and the Beginning

The Why and the Beginning

The Why and the Beginning

It is time, past time, to realize we are all one family.

1) Malcom Gladwell interview on CBC Writer’s and Company, Sunday December 8th, 2013.

Faith in Art

a crane made of found objects

a crane made of found objects

As artists we need to make our way in the world the best way we can.

Emily Carr did it by raising dogs, running a boarding house, teaching young children about art, selling Haida baskets, decorating pottery. How wonderful to think her painting at auction this week might fetch more than any other Canadian artist in history. I hope it does. But, how much more wonderful if her work was appreciated when she was still here to get the benefit.

I always loved the story in her biography that she hung all her chairs on the walls, if she didn’t want you as a visitor, well the chairs stayed hung on the walls. Too fun.

Her writing by the way, which she published in her later life is well worth the time to read. Robertson Davis said about House of All Sorts, that “I predict that Emily Carr will be generally recognized as one of the foremost among the few important writers that Canada has produced.”