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A Rambling Voyage

The place to start is best at the beginning, on this clean white page with my new, never been used before pen. Well maybe I can write fiction. Certainly none of the above is true.

Recently on radio I listened (well you do don’t you, listen) to a psychologist (probably from L.A.) talk about helping writers with their block… His advice was to write the worst sentence you were capable of.

I guess the theory was it was all up from there…

But I am uncertain, what does an original worst possible sentence look like?

See, I am blocked already, by trying to figure out the word original. What does it mean? Totally new within the confines of language ever uttered/written?  Well I am certainly not clever enough to climb to those lofty heights. How about a collection and redistribution of words already written? Would that count?

I went to see a man about a dog, while watching that pig fly I wondered, how was it possible; surely gravity knows no bounds, when suddenly the lights went out. Is that bad enough to be going on with?

I did the math with the help of a calculator. I never was good with numbers, well  50,000 words in 30 days is 1666.66 words a day. What would .66 look like if it were a word? Enl probably.

Could I manage to even think that many words in a day let alone actually putting them on paper? That sure is a puzzle. I wonder too how many people cheat. Like me for instance, this I tell myself is a practice round to see if I have that many words in my brain in a day. Today is still October; I have yet to sign into the NaNoWriMo program. I wonder how many budding novelists (do they really bud?) have actually finished the novel before they even start if you see what I mean.

I am going to count these words now to see just how much I have accomplished in the last 30 minutes. Because that is what this is about isn’t it, volume! I make it 359 words that is 11.86 words a minute. Man, I shall have to buy a stop watch for this endeavor. Still that means what about 192 minutes a day. Whew that will take some doing.

Between coffee breaks, the resulting pee breaks plus the procrastination inherent in every creative endeavor you are looking at a full time job here. Can I really afford the time or must I quit my day job?

I recently attended a writer’s retreat where the NaNoWriMo  writing challenge was mentioned. We were all quite excited about the idea, but then ideas are easy to get excited about. It is the work entailed in the idea that usually puts the brakes on endeavor.

You will have noticed by now. I really like that word. And procrastination, that is another great word. We are all capable of it, but then my feeling is that we are all capable of most anything with negative connotations. Murder cheating, lying, stealing which really makes for an interesting story and perhaps an interesting life, but stressful too I think.

But if you were going to procrastinate about sitting down to write, would you really choose to clean the house instead, to knock down all the chandeliers in the rooms? That is what a friend called all those hangy downy spiders’ webs that adorn our ceiling, chandeliers.

As a general rule it takes months of accumulated dust and grime for them to take on a real presence. But they are worth the trouble. They dance on the currents of air and eventually spin into a whole world of interesting sculptural shapes when left long enough. History has its uses. They are quite beautiful in an organic kind of way.

dust on the window screens

dust on the window screens

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