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Decisions, Decisions

I always leave the framing of my work in the skilled hands of Bill and Andrew of Strand Fine Art.

Having made all the decisions in the works creation I find I simply can’t make the final one of framing.

It seems there is a threshold on how many decisions you can make in a day, in a life before you start making ones that are questionable. This rings true to me.

Georgia O’Keeffe always wore black or white, she decided not to make the decision every day on what colour to wear. As artists it’s true it is hard work to decide what colour to put on the end of your brush.

But with discipline and a lifetime of practice often comes grace, then the work flows from eye to hand without conscious thought, the decision is made in the ether of endless possibilities.

At age seventy eight she exhibited mammoth cloud paintings ; ”she seemed to levitate above the concerns of most mortals as she immersed herself in the grandeur of nature”, the paintings “objects of quiet delight and contemplation”.


Balancing Acts

Balancing Acts

(1 pg. 391 Portrait of an Artist, A Biography of Georgia O’Keeffe author Laurie Lisle

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