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Art alleviates pain

Published in 1956

This illustration reminds me of Frida Kahlo’s paintings. I wonder if she would approve?

We saw the film Frida recently and I was reminded that the first  time I saw her work outside of a book I was stunned at how small in size they were, many no more than twelve inches square. But now I realize she started painting to alleviate pain; her father’s idea. She was bed ridden for more than a year as a young woman, it makes sense they would be small.

In Walking on Water, Madeleine L’Engle also talks about the ability of art to relieve pain. Her granddaughter was struck by a truck, with serious head injuries no pain medication was possible, so the family spent hours at a time, for days and then weeks reading to her as she slowly recovered. Her continued refrain is heart wrenching, “Please read me another story”.

Acclaimed Haida master sculptor Bill Reid in later life suffered from Parkinson’s, but if active in his studio had no loss of motor control.

The creative process is still a little understood thing, how wonderful is that?

The illustration is from In Search of Adam, very outdated as it was published in 1956, but with very good black and white photographs.

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