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Environmental Art

found art in Ottawa

found art in Ottawa

Memory is in a collective sense repetition of story, but repetition holds more than that. It holds enlightenment.

The first exercise in Environmental Art was to build a collage of found objects.

The next step was to draw the collage from every conceivable angle, elevation, details either fine or vague or whatever. But to draw it and draw it and draw it again for weeks if necessary. Most of our group grew bored with the exercise, and it did get tedious at some points, but if you stuck with it long enough you received enlightenment. A glow of understanding; the objects, their resonance to you specifically, their relationship to each other, to you. The accomplishment of 1000 things. Understanding comes from repetition. The eye to the hand, the eye to the hand, stand back now let your brain see what it has been trying to engage you with.

That was the purpose of this 50,000 word project I embarked upon. A curiosity to see how the eye to the hand with the clutter in my brain goes on. In the end of it well, what does it matter if all there is is words on a page, without the repetition of writing every day I will be assured of having nothing. But maybe, just maybe if my mind, hand, eye keeps  focused something might just might eventually show itself , even as a shadow or an absence.

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