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Late Bloomers

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On the road to great achievement, the late bloomer will resemble a failure…Prodigies are easy. They advertise their genius from the get-go. Late bloomers are hard. They require forbearance and blind faith. (1

In foundation year at art school the photography instructor said to me; Geri, this is a really good concept, but you are not respecting the work.

That was one of the strongest lessons I had that year.

Until I learned to develop my own film (which was not a course requirement) I had to be very inventive. The film processing machine regularly ate my negatives. Out of hundreds of students I took it as a personal affront and finally asked one of the 3rd year photography students to teach me the process.

What the instructor meant was that sloppy work showed a lack of self-regard, and without that how can you respect the work, the materials, the process?

What interests me is that my sense of self comes from doing the work. By not putting myself in the work the work defines me.

Carpe Diem a found object assemblage

Carpe Diem a found object assemblage

(1 pg. 305 from What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell

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