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Is Looking the same as Seeing?

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I was writing like crazy for the deadline in November, it is always thrilling to give yourself new challenges. To write 50,000 words in a month is an amazing challenge for someone like me, who always thinks they don’t really have anything significant to contribute to any conversation. After all, I am a visual artist. Well, life changes us all, apparently I do have things to talk about in volume.

This is from a friend, we were discussing the idea of an object oriented existence, one without language with one that is perceived and experienced with language.

Her response was, But if you look at something and disallow yourself to use words to describe it to someone else or just yourself, the it just is, and that is very relaxing.

sculptures from the show at Gallery 96

sculptures from the show at Gallery 96

It is very true, to live life without the need to explain it is indeed very relaxing, and maybe how we should try to perceive the world, without narrative. But, then I met Harry, of course in a bar, who said to me that our stories define us. Well, to be continued.

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