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Laugh and Grow Fat

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I find comfort knowing that our world, earth will exist long after we are gone. Maybe that is why so many of us admire stones, there is simplicity to their being.

Nothing is permanent, and yet because of this, everything is eternal… the earth system owes its stability to being a big endlessly repeating bundle of contradictions. (1.


I have always been partial to rocks, and consider the ones I collected over the years to be part of my ‘art supply’ inventory. What I failed to realize was how many of the quotes I’ve collected also talk about rocks.

garden sculptures

garden sculptures

This, by Carl Jung is still a favorite.

The stone has no uncertainties, no urge to communicate, and is eternally the same for thousands of years, while I am only a passing phenomenon which bursts into all kinds of emotions, like a flame that flares up quickly and then goes out.


(1.    Reading the Rocks author Marcia Bjornerud pg.20-21

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