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The Question of Existence

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“Why is there something instead of nothing” seems to be on the minds of some of the world’s great thinkers.  They should have asked my mom, her answer would be “just because”. This is all about why does the universe exist.  It is one of those childishly profound questions that do need to be asked, but will never be answered.

The conversation was an interesting one, as it touched on the idea that it is the question that is important, and after all his research he came to realize that it was the wrong question. It should have been something like this, why is the Universe the way it is and not something different? The answer he got from an eminent scholar in Oxford was that mediocrity was the definition of what is, why that is he didn’t venture to answer. Maybe it is all about a level playing field.

But so often of late it seems to ask the right question is the challenge.

colour field paintings

colour field paintings

That was one of the conversations we had in the writer’s  retreat, ‘What is the Question”.

I was captivated by Marian Engle’s Notebooks, but the big question that she never answered was; where is your twin sister. Now if you had a twin, separated by adoption at about four months of age and knew of her existence, wouldn’t that have consumed your imagination as a writer? Well, apparently not, I found only the editors mention of her.

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