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The 30 x 30 Challenge

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Apparently we are so out of door deprived the David Suzuki Foundation has challenged us to spend 30 minutes for 30 days in nature in the out of doors. Who knew that most of us spend 9.5 hours a day sitting down or that our children spend 6 minutes a day entertaining themselves in outdoor play and 6 hours a day being entertained indoors by some type or other of an electronic device? 1)

Families and mothers, found object constructions with the setting sun.

Families and mothers, found object constructions with the setting sun.

In our house when I was growing up Sunday was family day. We all went for a walk in the woods to see how the world had changed since the last visit. It was a day where grandparents taught us the names of the season, Spring which heralded new growth was May Apple, Dog Tooth Violet, Jack-in-the-pulpit, wild asparagus, Summer which was abundance;  puff balls, morels, wild garlic, beech, raspberry, elderberry, Fall where the colour red was paramount;  sumac, poison ivy, Virginia creeper, bladder wort, bittersweet.

The names are as lovely as any poem and made memories lasting.

I didn’t really forget winter, but it was mostly white. Snow ; snowball kind of snow, or snow hut snow, or face stinging snow, icy snow, wet snow, lots of snow, and ice, good for skating on the flooded fields, which I learnt how to do by pushing a kitchen chair in front of me for balance.

1) I didn’t really think I had heard that  right, so I went on the CBC website to listen to the interview again, and was surprised that I did get it right. whether the statistics are is any body’s guess. David Suzuki is an environmentalist, with a huge international reputation, so …

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