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Malcolm Gladwell’s book What the Dog Saw are all essays published in The New Yorker magazine. The essay Late Bloomers is fun, he talks about Picasso as a prodigy and Cezanne as a late bloomer. The problem with being a late bloomer is that to exist at all you need people who believe in you, patrons. here is the last bit of the second last paragraph, from Malcolm Gladwell’s book.

Late bloomers’ stories are invariably love stories, and this may be why we have such difficulty with them. We’d like to think that mundane matters like loyalty, steadfastness, and the willingness to keep writing checks to support what looks like failure have nothing to do with something as rarefied as genius. But sometimes genius is anything but rarefied; sometimes it’s just the thing that emerges after twenty years of working at your kitchen table.

Pg. 313 Late Bloomers from the book What the Dog Saw.

A view of the garden done with found objects

wire and mirrors Photograph by Mary-Lynn Fluter

Well, the wire and mirror piece was not made thinking at the kitchen table, it was a wander about the studio to see what resources I had in hand in order to create a sculpture garden for our local weekend horticultural garden tour. Lucky I am to have a great deal of  ‘inventory’. it is a big assist when trying to make your way in the material world.

That specific piece, the inventory was thousands of wire cages that once protect new tree planting here, recycled into wire balls. The marbles came from a transport truck spill on one of our major highways. Their shape  and size makes them easily moveable, their final destiny was to be remelted into fibre glass. The mirrors are, well can you remember when they were used instead of video cameras in your local variety store to spot shop lifters. Yes, a long time ago. We still have rotary phones here too.

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