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Kindness is good but listening is better, but how can I listen if my brain is so full of noise I can’t hear the rest of the world? Tonight here was the first day of spring, despite what the calendar says. With a thick cloud cover and no stars visible tonight was for the first time this year the time the earth is moving. The earthworms are hungry after a long cold winter, I can hear them dragging leaves underground for dinner. A scratchy, scruntchy kind of sound, very pleasurable on the ear, and a big lightening of the heart as well.

I have an orchid that still blooms after living here for five years.

It had so overgrown its pot this past winter I bought soil, not the right kind, it is in bark but all I could find was as fine as dust.

It seems the orchid didn’t mind the change in soil, it bloomed yet again.  But it did mind a great deal that I had tried to bury all those hangy out roots.  I tried to bury them into their new bigger pot but the outcome was, if they were very unhappy those roots died, if they were moderately happy they lifted themselves from the dirt, and if they were really happy they hung their roots over the pot.

It takes a lot of attention to understand a plant, how much more for a person?


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