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Meteor Strikes and the Theory of Chaos

This page is Gazing into Chaos

A page from my book The Why and the Beginning

A quote from page 47, Sympathetic Vibrations, Reflections on Physics as a Way of Life   Author K. C. Cole


What you perceive as “standing still” at the equator is in reality a rapid spin around the earth’s axis at the dizzying rate of 1000 miles per hour. In addition, the entire spinning earth is whizzing around the sun with a speed of almost 20 miles per second. The solar system itself is moving with respect to the centre of our galaxy at 150 miles per second, and our galaxy – the Milky Way – is rushing towards our neighbouring Andromeda  galaxy (from its point of view) at 50 miles per second. And that’s not all: if you looked at the earth from a far off quasar, you might see us speeding away at 165,000 miles per second, close to the speed of light.


Given these parameters a certain faith is required to register last week’s meteor strike as an uncommon event.

Chaos: A gaping void, yawning chasm, or abyss. The ‘formless void’ of primordial matter. A state of utter confusion and disorder, a confused mass. An amorphous lump.

The Oxford University Dictionary

I have decided to join the Monday club. Making it a public declaration, as I did with my joining the NaNoWriMo November month, it is meant to stiffen my spine and give me pause when I don’t meet that commitment. The idea of public failure is somehow an added incentive. It is true, I am six weeks behind the times, nevertheless, I stand .

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