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Monthly Archives: January 2013

1984 and the Beyond

looking for cloudsI was looking for my book on the Methods of Sculpture.

Until recently I didn’t understand that Henry Moore, Alberto Giacometti and Pablo Picasso actually used clay as their first material for the sculptures they made. I thought they used plaster. How inept is my understanding of process.

So, first they modeled their sculptures in clay, they were then cast as plaster. This allows them to be preserved indefinitely and then they could be cast in bronze whenever there was a client willing to purchase.

Well I haven’t found that book yet, but I found something else that suits my present mood as well.

Sympathic Vibrations, Reflections on Physics as a Way of Life. Written by K.C. Cole and published in 1984 by Bantam Books. Wasn’t that a big year with George Orwell’s book by that name, a banner year where all those predictions were getting closer but still for the most part in the future. I wonder if it still occupies a place on the high school reading list?

The first thing I want to record is the names given to quarks. Those subatomic particles. At this point scientists think there are six types but so far they had found only five, but listen to this:


As far as physicists know, the quark is the most elemental constituent of matter. Quarks make up protons and neutrons, which make up the atomic nucleus. The five known quarks are called: up, down, strange, charmed and top (also called truth). The theory requires a sixth quark (bottom or beauty) which has not yet been found.

Now here is a riddle from page 38.


How would you hold one hundred tons of water in thin air with no visible means of support?



Build a cloud.