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Ghosts and New Beginnings

If a woven rug, a painting, a bit of carved ivory hold a bit of presence from their makers, what about the ghosts trapped in this computer?

Web sites still up and running although the artist has been dead for two years, you are still encouraged to send her an email for a prompt reply. A request from a  Foundation to School and Educate girls and women in northern China, their founder, my cousin dead months before. Is it capable of trapping bits of our essence as well, even though we do live?

Another friend gave me a pile of what looked like dead wood on a string. It took me months to learn to appreciate its natural beauty swaying in the breeze on our back porch. Did I ever tell her I had grown enough to understand her gift to me before she died? I have no memory.

The New Year is soon upon us, but for me already the world has turned over to give voice to the promise of spring. Every year after the winter solstice my mind and heart feels altered. There is that promise of light, of new beginnings. What more can we ask for?

Don’t look back. Just keep moving fast as you can slower is not possible.

Lila Knitting

Lila Knitting

Portrait of Lila Knitting.

I want you to really feel this with me.

The earth is revolving to obscure the sun.

The sun is not going down.

I want you to really feel this with me.

We’re rolling around to obscure the sun.

We’re about to have a sunclipse: the earth is revolving around very radidly to obscure the sun.

It’s perfectly easy to feel that,

Particularly if you face north and look over your left shoulder.

Just watch: and you suddenly begin to feel

This enormous earth revolving on its axis.

Incredible speed. And it’s beautiful quiet motion.

And we’re rolling, we’re rolling around here.

You have to have your feet wide apart, facing to the north

And just getting the sun in the corner of your eye.

Then you feel this enormous earth revolving

Here on the polar axis.

I want all of you to look at it with me now.

Look at that thing and feel this great horizon.

The sun is not doing a thing,

We are really rolling you see.

This is absolute reality.

Boy, she’s really moving quite rapidly now, you really feel it.

The wider apart your legs, the more you feel it.

Now we’re really going round. Boy! It’s wonderful to really feel this enormous big sphere we’re on.

I’ve traveled around enough so I really feel it very powerfully.

Quoted from Buckminster Fuller, An Autobiographical Monologue/Scenario

Published in 1980 when he was eighty three. On page 217.

Lost Reality

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