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November is Writer’s Month

Well, the truth is I do like words, but that does not make me a writer.

This month is to be a challenge of trying to put 50,000 words in space. Certainly all my drafts are still paper, yes well, I am still not really into the computer age.
Already things are proving that the challenge is worth the commitment, that doesn’t surprise me, but it does please me.

Over a year ago I bought those magnetic business cards, to attach words to, so that I could write magnetic poems/prose/compilations? No idea the term to use. Well, could I ever decide what words to include? I tried favorite quotes, but that just lead me back to the beginning of my collection of words. This seemed redundant, as I have been using and abusing them for years.

But to write every morning needed an ice breaker, and I thought the obligation of writing a poem/prose/compilation would get me moving. So, if I don’t have the words, well steal them!  Which I did, all the book titles in the studio, in the house, borrowed from the library became the collection of words to write that first morning thing to break the ice to write, write and write some more. It is passing difficult to consider from a visual artist’s point of view that you are going to write 1666.33 words every day for the next 30 days.

As a visual artist I always felt words were if not redundant, certainly unnecessary for the making of art.  But, since entering this enterprise, I have realized that a lot of my work does hang on the thread of language, or is inspired by it, or is transformed into another dimension by the inclusion of words. How seminal is that to my understanding, and how late that realization is in coming.

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