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Life Learns Us

We met a man in a bar a while back.  I don’t quite know how we got conversing, but that isn’t unusual for us. What was unusual was what he wanted to say:

There are four forces in the Universe:  Gravity, Electricity, Magnetism, and Love.

It took me time to appreciate that what he was saying was real, and when I did I made the four into separate paintings, small works 8 by 10 inches.

Recently I was reading a book by Melissa Pritchard called Salene of the Spirits. One of the characters sends a letter:

My life has been rich in ways human society can neither count nor measure nor reward, I have been taught (and how I resisted that lesson!) that love is an invisible energy which cannot die. It changes form, appears to vanish, then reappears…There is no thing such as time, and this life is a shadow dream at best, pale glimpse of a glory no one of us can imagine. I have little fear of death. It is a passageway and no one is ever left there alone or for long.


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