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Map Making and the Mind

I have been having conversation with friends lately about mapping our lives. Just like making any map, you can’t do the topography until you have made the journey, understood the terrain you have travelled, made sign posts and memorized land marks.

It really is a journey of the imagination that is fueled by personal history and for many of us, as we grow older, I think increasingly important in order to understand where we have been.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me the why of the journey holds no interest any longer. I’m not even sure there is a ‘why’, now ‘where’ and ‘when’ and ‘how’ hold the imagination a bit but these have become increasingly of little consequence to me as well.  This frees the mind to explore other directions.

These days my minds exercise is to just experience things at hand. It seems our morning coffee on the back porch can stretch ‘till almost noon just listening and watching the world around us.

To most people I expect this appears an inconsequential endeavour. I have begun to wonder if it could be how life was meant to be lived. Not just in the moment, but in the surround of moment, a monumental experience perhaps?

I designed these maps for the  Fairbank Oil web site.

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