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Miss Elizabeth Carter: What a woman knows is of little consequence compared with what a woman is…

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Door to the unknown on the Tofino Harbor
photo credit: Coby Loewen

In comparing the state of things in those days with the present restlessness of society, when the facilities of traveling have set all manner of men and women flying about the world as indefatigably and seemingly with as little purpose as motes dancing in the atmosphere, we cannot help wondering how many of these sight-seers are duly qualified for traveling.

From the Memoir of Miss Elizabeth Carter: illustrating the union of learning and piety, pg., 37

Author: Jane Hall, publ. 1844

So, I have been trying to use the web as a learning tool, well what a life that woman lived. She was considered by some to be the most emanate linguist of her time, as well as a very learned mathematician. Translated Epictetus (I wonder just who he is?) from the Greek to English.

She was the author of that beautiful bit of text in one of my blogs,  “And through creation’s vast expanse the last dread thunder’s roll…”

The poetry is by Miss Elizabeth Carter, 1717-1806

Miss Carter is also quoted as saying “what a woman knows is of little consequence compared with what a woman is.”

From the Memoir…Pg. 43

I just read a book on Archimedes, fiction, but now I will have to get an actual book on him as well. Reading on the screen is not very comfortable. But isn’t this all interesting? All of a sudden I might just have to delve into the classics after all, but I don’t suppose life is long enough for all of that. What fun though.

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