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Social Activist Gwen Moore

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I admire political activists. They help to set the world on fire. Green Peace and Save the Children are two world views that I couldn’t exist without. They define our aspirations, what we all hope and dream for in a civilized society.

Artists who promote their political agenda raise public awareness as well, so it is all good. That little changes for all this global effort makes my heart weep. I tell myself that change is a one person at a time idea and that our lives here are of little consequence, that the universe has its own agenda, and it doesn’t necessarily include us humans as a big deal.

It doesn’t really help understanding.

But some of us instead of quantifying the negative simply ignore the implications and proceed to do something positive.

I want to introduce you to Gwen Moore.

She was a remarkable person that didn’t see the world as most of us do. Her vision was to educate one village at a time. I hope her initiative propagates to infinity. Then we might have made a world worth living for.

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