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Michio Ito and Isamu Nogouchi East and West

The dancer, Michio Ito has this to say, “Everything in the world can be divided into two generalities,  Art and Nature. The literal dictionary meaning of Art is that what ever results from human creation is called Art. The raw potato is Nature and when it is boiled it becomes Art. It is very simple”.

Noguchi East and West pg. 26. Source Shotaro Oshima, W.B.Yeats and Japan, citing Ito’s private papers (Japan, 1965)

Michio Ito 1892-1961

Isamu Nogouchi says, “The past is ourselves; going inside ourselves, we go into the past, because there is a memory inside. Going out, we go to the future. There is no memory there, so it’s very questionable. We do not know what is out there, but inside us, we know what is there… We know by instinct. If we study the past, we study ourselves…”

Nagouchi East and West pg. 293

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