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Smoke, but no Fire!


“…there are more people alive now on this planet than have died in all the time since the world began…”

A Circle of Quiet author Madeleine L’Engle  pg.191

This was published in 1972, she takes her information seriously so I trust this to be accurate, and I wonder what the ratio would be today?

“…for every one of us, there are maybe 1.5 Billion of them (insects), and for every pound of human there are maybe 200 pounds of insects…”

Natalie Angier – A Large-Size Focus on Life Lived Small January 5th, 2009, The New York Times.

Every day there are more of us on the planet and less of almost everything else, bugs, trees, water. I wonder how soon we will reach the tipping point, when we and bugs have an equal mass? I also wonder what the statistics was in 1972, 300 or 400 pounds of insects to 1 pound of human? Mind you, I can’t begin to comprehend how they can even talk that big, or figure out how to make that kind of an analysis.

We were coming from town one late summer afternoon. As we rounded the last curve in the road I said to Chris “Our barn is on fire!”

A tower of rolling smoke as tall and wide as the building itself, 40 feet high, 30 feet wide, swirled and danced in the breeze. When we pulled into the top of our long lane I said “Oh, that’s not smoke, it’s a cloud of gnats.”

In years since I’ve noticed these flying clouds like to gather and hover over any clear, sun-warmed place. Our driveway is perfect.

If you sit quietly in your lawn chair the swallows come swooping and diving all around you, using the clear air space as a flyway to gather speed. It takes trust to sit still as they streak past; with a flip of a wing to maneuver a quick swerve, missing you by a hair breadth.

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