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Treasure Hunting in New Mexico

We spent Christmas in New Mexico one year. Every morning our hostess would pack us a lunch and hand us a map to go hunting for treasure. It wasn’t silver we were after, even though we were near Silver City at Bear Mountain Lodge, but petroglyphs.

As most were on private land (but public monuments) this involved exploring back country, climbing fences and counting out paces from the nearest landmark.

It was one of those life experiences that leave an indelible impression on the brain and mark on your spirit.

The land radiates such warmth, especially when compared to the white of our winters.

A sky bigger and bluer than any I have seen.

On Christmas Eve morning we got our lunch and map as usual. But there was nothing usual in the activity in the Great Room of the lodge. It was filled with dozens of Boy Scouts;  all with brown paper bags in hand, quite a commotion.

Their task before evening was to fill these bags with sand and a candle; they were making Luminaries, a word new to me.

When we returned that evening it was to a place of magic.

The long drive and every plane and jut of the Lodge was aglow. The rightness of this Festive Decoration to both the landscape and architecture made my spine tingle and made the hair on the back of my neck stand to attention .

It was one of life’s moments.

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