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Never Judge a Book by its Cover

I do pick up books because of their titles.  Who could resist titles such as:

A Wrinkle in Time

A Sword in the Stone

Worlds in Collision

A quick perusal of my book shelves reveals such nuggets as:

Mind of Raven

The Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

What is the What

Growing Pains

A Guide for the Perplexed

Does it Matter?

The Dancing Wu Li Masters

Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Letters and Papers from Prison

Dam-Burst of Dreams

Scantifying Life, Time and Space

Food, Sex and Pollution – pollution being bodily wastes. As youngsters my brother and I wondered why we put that stuff into our water supply. It  never seemed logical. It still doesn’t.

The Pilgrim’s Way

“I find humanity being incredibly careless and thoughtless in using water. Human beings go to the toilet and get rid of one pint of liquid by using four gallons of water to flush the toilet…Nature clearly separates the liquids and solids in mammals, and we keep mixing them up again in the toilet bowl.

No Scientist has ever been commissioned to discover the best way to dispose of beautiful human waste”.

quoted from Buckminster Fuller An Autobiographical Monologue/Scenario pg. 201

Irrational Man

Five Seconds at a Time

The Body has its Reasons

The Hidden Dimension

The Days of Augusta

Second Nature

One Two Three…Infinity

The Cloud of Unknowing

Angel’s Fear

Urine was once collected extensively for the cloth industry to help make dyes fast.

Pablo Picasso used it to age and patina his bronze sculptures.

Once I used book titles as names for a body of work that was primarily collage, figuring little but the composition came from my hand, so I felt free to borrow the titles as well. They were a set of postcards of celestial maps by Andreas Cellarius (1660) from the British Museum, which you see before you. These small works are approximately 5 X 6 inches embellished with ink, gold leaf and collage elements.

Walking on Water

The Curious Naturalist

Revelations of Divine Love

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