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The water looks denser since the season has changed from summer to fall.

oil paint on board done with a palette knife 6 x 8 inchesoil paint on board 6 x 8 inches

Is this illusion?

The lake (Huron) has the appearance of moving more sluggishly. Even after heavy winds the waves appear fewer and at the shoreline smaller. On my last annual swim, Thanksgiving weekend, the water temperature was 61 degrees F. In high summer it might hit 80 degrees.

Surely that is a small difference in temperature for such a large body of water to change its character?

These small works were painted with my back to the fire one bitterly cold winter. The world that month was white on white so these were conjured from imagining the memory of the view out my studio window.

It is a view I no longer possess (if you can possess a view?) from my second floor eyrie. Between trees growing big and big houses sprouting the lake is now invisible.

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