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Monthly Archives: September 2011


metal sculpture

This is a recent installation of my work – three crows laser cut from sheet metal. I wonder if 7 of them would be a better number?

How many crows are need to be categorized as a murder of crows?


“For their size,

Crows are among the BRAINIEST organisms on Earth,

outclassing not only other Birds (with the possible exception of parrots)

but also most MAMMALS.”

From the book Crows

Encounters with the Wise Guys

Author Candace Savage

What a wonderful book, beautiful illustrations, always appreciated by us visual artists!  This book is  full of antidotes of myth, science, history.

Time is relative. Is time relative?

This then is the big question for me right now.  I want to desperately slow times passing.

So as an experiment , starting today one hour is spent in silence.

The outward landscape of silence is easy, having always been a solitary person.

But the internal landscape ‘quieting those little grey cells’ is a bigger challenge.

I will embrace this idea for a month before reflecting on it.

It should be possible, after all childhood days were the length of eternity. Isn’t it because we engaged directly with the world without thought and reflection?

Just saw our reclusive resident white squirrel climb the oak tree.  Already a bit of magic from that endeavour.